My story

Before this journey began, I would refer to things as cliché from time to time.  "Do what makes you happy" or "self-care" did not seem to resonate with me. It seems we are hearing about "self-care" everywhere. The definition and what works for each of us seems to be getting drilled into our brains. We hear it on Facebook, Instagram, in coffee rooms and even news reports are raving about the importance of "self-care". I again, thought this was cliché. That changed in a yoga class when the instructor made reference to  the almighty "self-care". She explained that it takes different forms in everyone's life. She said "you may not even realize you're doing it". I left the class with a discrete eye roll and returned home. Routinely,  I started the tub and began to fill it with my favorite bath bombs and oils before I crawled into the sheets. There it was. My self-care. Bathing.

I had always used bathing as a stress reliever technique or to prepare for a good night’s sleep . I had a consistent stock on my shelves of new soaks or oils and all the other creative Pinterest posts that we,  crazy bath lovers, attempt. (I have had egg yolks in my hair and plastered oatmeal and honey for a DIY face mask). I began to read labels on products and noticed that most of them had ingredients I could not pronounce, food coloring,  fillers and added artificial fragrances. So, I attempted this craft using only the ingredients I could pronounce and purchase from local, trusted suppliers.

Several date nights accompanied by my favorite box wine, testing new recipes became what I now refer to as my "product improvement phase". The best part- my lab which was once in a basement of a hospital, testing bodily fluids, became my bath tub filled with a variety of aromas, moisturizers and tension reliefs. I quickly discovered that "all natural" ingredients weren't just for the "self-care" junkies. I was inspired to perfect recipes to enhance my bathing. One product stemmed onto the next and soon I had landed my design for Butter and Milk Bath Bakery.

Though, I myself, have no allergies, skin irritations or sensitivities to limit my craft, I am very aware of the limitations that many may endure. I once read in a book "the best thing you can invest your money in, is yourself".  So, how do we put a dollar value on ourselves?  Just pay for the boutique fitness, the skin serums, cozy sweaters (that look like everything in your closet) that you just love and make yourself happy. Find YOUR self-care routine. Ironic that I am now the "self-care" junkie but if anything else, it helps me justify my Friday night date nights with wine on tap. 

In short, the last couple years led me to not only develop a company that I am passionate about, but I discovered my partner in life who I of course found when I was not looking *insert another eye roll here*, he is also my business partner. I could have never done this without the support, encouragement and love from him.

Lastly, I no longer use the word cliché.