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CUSTOM designs by butter & milk

Butter and Milk, home of the local bath bakery, will enhance your regular soak routine in minutes! We are proud to use high quality ingredients that are all natural, vegan, gluten and nut free. Butter & Milk now offers exclusive product designs for you and your company. Butter & Milk is a firm believer in supporting local businesses and wants to provide top of the line products. Our goal is to craft cost effective, professional and appealing products to a diverse clientele. We pride ourselves on being conscious of allergies, intolerances, skin sensitivities or skin irritability with every product we craft.  

We work with our customers to design unique, custom and most importantly, exclusive products made just for you. We will research the product you currently use, craft an exclusive Butter & Milk product, calculate a cost assessment and present you with a proposal for future orders.

Product Design Requests are free of charge. If you are unhappy with the product design, we will continue to modify to make suitable for you. Contact Butter and Milk Bath Bakery Ltd. by using the Product Design Request Form to design a customized product, exclusive to you to promote your brand and provide quality products to your clients.

Party or event favors

Butter & Milk provides an additional discount on wholesale pricing for orders of 100+. Requests for additional packaging (gift wrap etc.) will be considered and included in your invoice quote. To request a wholesale price form, please contact us at


Butter & Milk would love to be a part of your salon or shop. We provide exclusive wholesale pricing on bulk orders (20+ of any item). To inquire on becoming a retail vendor, please contact us at


Butter & Milk would love to sponsor your next charitable event or fundraiser.  We are open to donate raffle prizes or silent auction items.  Contact us at for further inquiries.


Butter & Milk would love to craft you a custom gift set with YOUR budget. Please contact directly to arrange a meeting to further discuss the details of what you wish to be provided in each basket. We offer complimentary gift wrap with each gift basket order. Due to shipping challenges, gift sets are only available to be delivered in Red Deer, AB. To order, please visit our Gift Shop.


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